New York City is the melting point of North America and is nicknamed the “City that never sleeps”. There is so much to do and see in NYC that 7-10 days will not be enough to play soccer and tour, but we will take you to the best places in the city.

During your stay, you will see the Empire State Building, Ground Zero where the World Trade Centers were destroyed during 9/11, Times Square, and so much more. New York is also home to two Major League Soccer teams, New York Red Bulls (located in New Jersey) and New York Football Club, located in the Bronx.

Package includes:

  • 3 to 4 star stay accommodations
  • Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Tournament Registration – 3 games minimum (only an option when a tournament is available)
  • Ground Transportation (including to and from airport)
  • Training sessions with NYC based coaches
  • Friendly Matches vs. NYC based clubs
  • Stadium tour of Yankee Stadium home of NYFC

Sightseeing & Cultural activities

  • Optional Extras:

    • Travel insurance
    • Extra excursions and sightseeing
    • Extended stay
    • Visits to college campuses (available for teams U-15 and up)